The Big Move: Weather Station DOWN!

Weather Station Offline
Weather Station Offline

Those of you following my Twitter stream will probably know that I’m on the move from Casa de Rob to a new abode…

So – the last few weeks have been a steady extraction of the technology which is running here, and last nights victim was the Weather station which was showing live weather here. Of course, once we’re all moved into the new house I’ll be reassembling what I can, but there is much negotiation with the Wife before everything can get cabled up… Until then:

It’s winter in Auckland, New Zealand – it’ll either be cold and raining or cold and crisp.

Stay tuned 🙂



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2 responses to “The Big Move: Weather Station DOWN!”

  1. gianouts Avatar

    Your move will mean that we might have to rely on other sites or old media to find out what the weather's up to! Come back soon!!!

  2. […] in and get the technology humming (and no – that doesn’t mean the Weather Station is back up yet […]