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  • The Big Move: Weather Station is GO!

    Okay – after a bit of fnarkling, we’re back with Temperature, Humidity as well as that ever useful Wind and Rain data. Not only are we transmitting in elegant Flash interactivity, we’re also on Twitter – should that be your thing (note, this is currently set to tweet every 15 minutes). So – there we […]

  • The Big Move: Weather Station BACK!

    ..well, mostly. Over the last week I’ve managed to run some power to a nearby cupboard where the La Crosse WS2300 LCD has been sitting and I’ve now got a PC in there gathering the data, and spitting it out to the Weather Page via a very slow WiFi link. The biggest stinker about this […]

  • The Big Move: Weather Station DOWN!

    I’m on the move… the last few weeks have been a steady extraction of the technology which is running here, and last nights victim was the Weather station

  • Inside a Tornado

    Now – while storm chasing may not strictly be the realm of geek, I’d argue that there’s a heck of a lot of technology, knowledge and innovation going on in this space – all in the aim of understanding these powerful events of nature. For one group of storm chasers, it’s paid off and the […]

  • New Record Low!

    Woohoo! (Brrr) – I was right! The weather station recorded a new record low of 3.3 degrees Celsius yesterday, and it’s not much better today (hey – that’s cold for Auckland okay, no “Mine is smaller than yours” comments thanks…)

  • Weather Station is go!

    My son Max and I have finished installing our weather station on the roof and will hook it up to the interweb as soon as we are able. We went for a pole mount mainly for the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) and because it also allows us somewhere to hook up the outdoor Meraki WiFi […]

  • Getting a Weather Station?

    I’ve always (well, not ALWAYS, but for quite awhile) enjoyed Weather information and, around 3 or 4 years ago I started thinking about putting together a weather station at my place, so I could prove to those nay sayers that Auckland weather isn’t really as bad as people may think. Initially I looked into the […]

  • Weather

    Much to the amusement of (some) of my collegues, I enjoy tracking weather conditions and, as sad as it sounds, I plan to get myself a wee weather station which I can stick on my house to monitor conditions there via my home network… This entry is simply to pull in the details which I’m currently gathering from the MetService website and graphing via my Linux server.