Month: June 2009

  • Can Security Policy live in a Business World?

    I’ve had a couple of decent articles come through my various feeds this morning in regards to IT Security and how companies are gaining traction for the acceptance and adoption of policies.

  • The Big Move: Weather Station DOWN!

    I’m on the move… the last few weeks have been a steady extraction of the technology which is running here, and last nights victim was the Weather station

  • Power of People – Why your brand needs to understand buyers

    A great presentation by Joakim Vars Nilsen on the power of people (why empowering people is key in marketing). There are more than a few companies who could benefit from watching this deck – and it doesn’t (really) matter what size your business is, the principals remain true, it’s just the speed of uptake which will be the variable.

  • Flu Hype, and reality

    Below is an interesting video for those caught up in the swine flu (which it isn’t) hype. As a bit of background, Hans Rosling is a doctor and researcher who I first ‘saw’ when he presented at TED 2006 – in this video he demonstrates some really interesting data from the World Health Organisation using […]

  • Inside a Tornado

    Now – while storm chasing may not strictly be the realm of geek, I’d argue that there’s a heck of a lot of technology, knowledge and innovation going on in this space – all in the aim of understanding these powerful events of nature. For one group of storm chasers, it’s paid off and the […]

  • Bandwidth to join Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

    Those crazy French have declared access to the Internet is a “fundamental human right” as part of its decision in overturning the recent, and controversial “three strikes” anti-piracy law….Philosophically I can’t agree with the ruling or Corey here, we have no rights other than the right to what we can create for ourselves – these creations can be traded for things such as food, water and shelter – or even bandwidth.