Bandwidth to join Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

MaslowsNEWHierarchyThose crazy French have declared access to the Internet is a “fundamental human right” as part of its decision in overturning the recent, and controversial “three strikes” anti-piracy law. The Constitutional Council, France’s highest court appear to agree with Corey Doctorow who wrote the following:

Here’s a prediction: in five years, a UN convention will enshrine network access as a human right (preemptive strike against naysayers: “Human rights” aren’t only water, food and shelter, they include such “nonessentials” as free speech, education, and privacy). In ten years, we won’t understand how anyone thought it wasn’t a human right.

Philosophically I can’t agree with the ruling or Corey here, we have no rights other than the right to what we can create for ourselves – these creations can be traded for things such as food, water and shelter – or even bandwidth.

While I really dislike being ‘disconnected’ from the grid, my social networks and the sources of information/opinion that I use to educate, entertain and improve myself – I can’t accept that this access is something that must be provided for me. I think the French have overstepped on this one – I love the outcome, but I think their artistic, socialist side is showing here.

There’s a good discussion on this taking place over on  ReadWrite Web who are covering this story – what say you?