Month: May 2008

  • Getting my (Online) ‘Lifestream’ going…

    I’ve been using Twitter, Facebook, and friendfeed (and others) for quite some time now and, after reading this blog entry and clicking around Bwanas site a little, I found his lifestream page and decided to give it a go myself. Here’s how I did it (under WordPress)… First we need to grab two plugins, […]

  • Embracing Failure

    The thing which is irking me the most of late is peoples unreasonable desire to succeed at everything and “do it right first time” – there’s talk of getting requirements “set in stone” before progressing and how all of this reduces cost and produces a better product for the end-user.

  • Installing Ubuntu 8.04 on the ASUS EEE

    Okay, so I did a painless upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04 LTS while it was still in pre-release, but now that I’ve been playing around with the system for awhile, it’s apparent that my needs are changing and the easiest way to cater to these needs is a full reinstall from scratch, putting in place […]

  • Call for Sticky Content Creators?

    I just got this via LinkedIn – can anyone help? Dwayne Alexander wrote: Do you know anybody – a person or a group of people who can be on the ground to technically “create sticky content” for webinars, teleseminars, eBooks? They need to be technicians and be able to be on the ground to video, […]

  • Leadership – Growing your capability online

    I was very interested to read this post this morning, and I wanted to drop out a quick post just to link to the article so I’d feel compelled to return and flesh out my thoughts on the subject. “I’ll be back”

  • PAIN! (I’ve lost my interweb)

    Monday afternoon was painful. While I was at work, I’d received a notification that my community wireless point had gone offline – this hadn’t happened since I’d switched to my new router, but regardless, I wasn’t too concerned… until I got home. No interweb, then a call on my cellphone “I’ve been ringing and ringing […]