Call for Sticky Content Creators?

I just got this via LinkedIn – can anyone help?

Dwayne Alexander wrote:

Do you know anybody – a person or a group of people who can be on the ground to technically “create sticky content” for webinars, teleseminars, eBooks? They need to be technicians and be able to be on the ground to video, then edit sales training seminars, then publish the content in various forms for a membership website. Video, audio and eBooks… I am looking for someone / or a group that can assist one of my financial services clients. They do group training events and have lots of “content” which needs to be “re purposed” or published on their website They are National . So I need the capability of someone on the ground videoing the events – then editing, re purposing (e-books) and putting in their members area. Would really appreciate any pointers? Thanks

Throw your details in the comments, or direct message me on Twitter (nz_rob)