Embracing Failure

The thing which is irking me the most of late is peoples unreasonable desire to succeed at everything and “do it right first time” – there’s talk of getting requirements “set in stone” before progressing and how all of this reduces cost and produces a better product for the end-user.

Bollocks. One cannot possibly innovate without testing intentions on the market.
A community who desires your product will work with you to create something which works for them. More often than not it will be somewhat different to what all the expensive consultants and research have defined. Depending on the user group involvement in the innovation process, it will often be different to what they themselves thought they wanted at the outset.
It’s called learning, it’s called collaboration and the only failure worth avoiding is the failure to learn.

A man I have an incredible amount of respect for taught me this adage for innovation

“Fail fast, fail cheap, learn and reset”

…it’s a shame that most people lack the confidence to follow this rather simple process.