Month: April 2007

  • Can the end-user be trusted?

    One of the undeniable truths of backups is you never really respect their worth, until you lose data that you value(d). Interestingly enough, as more homes become more digital centric, more forensic data recovery services are cropping up to save people from themselves and that accidential, click happy spree that we’ve all enjoyed (until the […]

  • I’ve been Social Networking with Laurel Papworth

    Wow, and ouch – my brain is full… I’ve just spent the last 2 days with Laurel Papworth, University of Sydney lecturer, and online communities consultant. She’s been over this side of the Tasman to chatting about the opportunities and futures in the online communities space, specifically around the social networking area. Without sounding too […]

  • New Shirts – w00t!

    Sweet, my t-shirts have arrived from Think-Geek! I looove think-geek – I also looove my friends Karen & John who let me add my shirts to their order (Thanks Karen & John). I got a couple of shirts this time and didn’t go crazy like my last set of purchases (but hey, I was single […]

  • Coolness Roundup *added to list

    I’ve discovered a new Podcast/gadget site today called ‘Coolness Roundup‘. It lies in the same vein as my other gadgety sites Engadget, Gizmodo and eHomeUpgrade so – expect my tech lust to increase over the next few weeks while I catch up with the back issues… If you want to add the podcast feed to you […]