New Shirts – w00t!

Sweet, my t-shirts have arrived from Think-Geek!
I looove think-geek – I also looove my friends Karen & John who let me add my shirts to their order (Thanks Karen & John).

I got a couple of shirts this time and didn’t go crazy like my last set of purchases (but hey, I was single and didn’t have to seek permission (or forgiveness 😉 back then! ).
I got these shirts:
STFU UniversitySTFU University
Their descriptions are very Gonzo Marketingesque, in describing the STFU shirt they say

“…”STFU” and “Subsiste Sermonem Statim” printed on the front with a strangely-gagged mascot in white, orange, and blue. … For the non-Latin-inclined, the motto translates to “Stop Talking Now.” And, of course the year the University was founded is 1337. No qualms there we are certain. …”

I also got v1.0 and v2.0 for myself and my wee boy, and I [heart] my geek for my lovely, long suffering wifey – who might have felt left out if she didn’t get a t-shirt… getting her to wear it, especially in public, may prove to be more of a challenge.

v1.0 T-Shirt v2.0 T-shirt I love my geek T-shirt