Blogging from my Browser…

Okay, I’m supposed to be on holiday, but since the in-laws are running a Bed & Breakfast called The Olde Millhouse B&B in Renwick, Marlborough they have got themselves broadband (yep – ADSL ‘JetStream’ is even avalible in the South Island!) so they can stay on top of their guests emails and stuff.
Anyway, it would have been a shame to go away without being able to access the interweb thingy, so I duly packed my notebook and my Linksys SRX wireless access point and setup when I got here.

During the time down here, I’ve been catching up on my podcasts that I subscribe to and one of the shows (#127 I think) from Geek News Central made mention of a great blogging addon for Firefox. It’s called ‘Performancing’ and can be found at I figured I might as well check it out as it may entice me to write a few more blog entries (which is one of my aims for next year) and, indeed it has, after following the instructions found here: WordPress and the Performancing Extension | I’ve installed the extension into my Firefox browser and I’m actually using it to write this entry! (don’t tell our IS department, we can have a functional operating environment – we must ensure that we are constrained by our COE distribution of Windows XP).

So anyway – there you go, I’m going to click the “Publish To:” button and hopefully this will appear in my blog. Man I love the Interweb!