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  • Innovation? No thanks… we’re busy.

    Ben Young wrote an article which appeared in today’s Herald entitled “The 12 Hour Startup“. Essentially, it promoted taking time out of working in your business, to spend time working on your business… and it attracted an interestingly one sided range of responses. I was so disappointed in the views which were pitched in response, […]

  • New Plugins Added

    I’ve recently been updating a number of the sites I look after to bring more services to them and make them a little more self administrating. To this end, I’ve been gravitating toward some of the WordPress articles I’ve seen sitting in my RSS reader as well as those which come through my twitter stream. […]

  • The Death of a Blog…

    I transitioned my content from the World of Warcraft blog I originally set up back in 2006, back into this site today. I’ve been having issues maintaining the discipline to post regularly in this blog, let alone attempt to maintain another blog devoted to the wonderful World of Warcraft thus, in an effort to simplify […]

  • I’m on Skribit!

    Woohoo! I’ve just received my invite to Skribit a ‘social suggestions‘ tool which allows you, the reader, to suggest things you’d like a blog author to post about. So now, I’m doing a shout out for suggestions for future postings, and you should find a skribit wiget in the sidebar of my pages.

  • The Doc calls for us to ‘heal thyself’

    I’ve been a fan of Doc Searls for quite some time, peaking around the time ‘IT Conversations’ has a regular spot for him and his cohorts. I’ve always found his thinking to be challenging to the norms, yet open in respect to the way “things should be(tm)”. It was no suprise then that this article […]

  • A new look for the geek…

    If you’ve been here in the past year or so and are only just returning, you will probably notice that I’ve started using a new template. I wanted a change, not only because the ‘other’ header graphic was just, well, offputting, but also because this template suits the evolution of WordPress and the gadgets that […]

  • Workplace Blogging – US Military Blogs to get a whole new set of regulations

    Ars Technica (via Wired‘s Noah Shachtman) are running this story on a raft of new regulations about to hit the US Military which could see the end to US troops being able to run their own blogs. Basically, bloggers will need to seek a commanders opinion prior to publishing a blog entry to ensure that […]

  • Can the end-user be trusted?

    One of the undeniable truths of backups is you never really respect their worth, until you lose data that you value(d). Interestingly enough, as more homes become more digital centric, more forensic data recovery services are cropping up to save people from themselves and that accidential, click happy spree that we’ve all enjoyed (until the […]

  • I’ve been Social Networking with Laurel Papworth

    Wow, and ouch – my brain is full… I’ve just spent the last 2 days with Laurel Papworth, University of Sydney lecturer, and online communities consultant. She’s been over this side of the Tasman to chatting about the opportunities and futures in the online communities space, specifically around the social networking area. Without sounding too […]

  • Coolness Roundup *added to list

    I’ve discovered a new Podcast/gadget site today called ‘Coolness Roundup‘. It lies in the same vein as my other gadgety sites Engadget, Gizmodo and eHomeUpgrade so – expect my tech lust to increase over the next few weeks while I catch up with the back issues… If you want to add the podcast feed to you […]