Wh EEE ! It’s here

My ASUS EEE 701 arrived today and was delivered over a tasty lunch of chicken fried  rice (not that that has anything to do with the device, but it may go someway to explaining some of the out of box images I took while unpacking it at the lunch table 🙂 ).

 Overall I’m impressed by the device, however I do think I will be installing Ubuntu on the device (using this guide?), as it seems to lack some of the functionality and flexibiliy that I want out to use it for. That said, it’s 110% fine for a normal user in my opinion, it has all the applications on it you’d expect, it crazy fast and very very nice to use (loving the tactility of the keyboard).

The unopened boxBox opened - Quick UserguideThe unit itselfThe rest of the box contents

The Product Details

It’s got a bit of interest in the office today – and I’ll spend much of this weekend fnarkling with it I’m sure 🙂



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2 responses to “Wh EEE ! It’s here

  1. Domino Avatar

    You are such a geek – most “normal” people don’t even know what the heck this is!!!
    Got a new toy myself yesterday; the Okta Boss (or in my case, Bossy) phone arrived – it runs Windows Mobile 6 and is driving quite well but somehow still does not totally satisfy….

  2. Rob Avatar

    I look forward to reading your review of it then… How do you think it compares to the Okta Touch? I saw a few of those around yesterday and could be sorely tempted to drop my apache + sanyo dual device combo pack and free up some room in my pockets!