Getting a Weather Station?

I’ve always (well, not ALWAYS, but for quite awhile) enjoyed Weather information and, around 3 or 4 years ago I started thinking about putting together a weather station at my place, so I could prove to those nay sayers that Auckland weather isn’t really as bad as people may think.

Initially I looked into the 1-Wire weather solution from Texas Instruments, there is a few open source projects like this one which support the equipment and of course, then my life got busy 🙂

So – now I find myself eagerly awaiting a tax refund and planning to finally update the technology in the house, my question is – should I start down the slippery slope of home weather tracking hobbiest or should I spend the money in more disk, CPU, RAM and or graphics performance?

I revisited an online store based here in New Zealand, and I’ve currently got a couple of things sitting in my checkout basket, awaiting some feedback. My intention is to start with a good base of technology and expandability, and build the system out from there as money, time and interest level allows – so initially I’m looking at the following:

So – has anyone else set up a home based weather system? Was it worth it?
If you haven’t set one up – is it something you’d be interested in doing? What’s holding you back?



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