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  • NetHui 2011 – Day 1: Innovation & Emerging Issues – Privacy Issues

    Privacy Issues for business in the new digital age Marie Shroff (Privacy Commissioner) This session started with a fizz and a whimper, I think based more on the usual audience for the Privacy Commission than the subject matter itself. I did enjoy the comics though 🙂 Customers are starting to take an ACTUAL interest in […]

  • Driving DropBox – Linking External Directories in Windows

    To get Dropbox to sync folders OUTSIDE of your [Drive:\ProgramPath]\My Dropbox\ directory, we need to use a symbolic link, something easily done in Linux*, but requiring a little more effort in Windows (though it is still a supported function).

  • Home Networking – the Why (not the How or What)

    The first of what may become a series of presentations covering the home networking space. This presentation covers WHY you may want a home network, and what considerations need to be top of mind during planning.

  • Windows Vista & WebDAV

    Bah – it’s happened again, a new install of Vista results in me no longer being able to connect to my WebDAV folders. So, for my future reference… here’s the link to a posting relating to this error, and here’s the file location itself (Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306))

  • Webcrash 2007

    I got sent this brilliant clip from The Onion today in relation to my previous posting on if we can trust people to backup their content or not. For the reality impaired, the Onion is a spoof site, but funny nonetheless – but just imagine if something such as this did occur to some of […]

  • Disaster Recovery

    I came across this link a few days ago which covers off some strategies for making technology work for you in terms of organising yourself in case of an emergency. It kind of resonates with my recent posting on backups, but then takes it a step further into the analogue world and makes some suggestions […]

  • Spending time with my digital memories

    I spent the last 3 days at home looking after our youngest son William who had the chicken pox and during that time I did a little bit of a tidy up of our digital photos and, during that time I reminded myself, yet again that we have HEAPS of photos, but finding any particular […]

  • Can the end-user be trusted?

    One of the undeniable truths of backups is you never really respect their worth, until you lose data that you value(d). Interestingly enough, as more homes become more digital centric, more forensic data recovery services are cropping up to save people from themselves and that accidential, click happy spree that we’ve all enjoyed (until the […]

  • Home Storage

    Today (17/07/2006) we received a couple of Buffalo TeraStation Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. These devices came kitted out with 1Tb of disk (each) and will be used within ETS to centrally store our media (MP3 music, WMV VoD files, DVR-MS MCE Recordings). This entry will cover the unpacking and installation of one of the […]