Month: June 2006

  • l33+ $p34k – OMFG I’m ROTFLMFAOTIPMP…

    Our lovely (/ poor long suffering) grad student was up in Auckland yesterday and, harking from Wellington it seemed like a good idea to change her personal message on her IM client to “I LOVE Auckland”. This provided us with some amusement, which compounded this morning when we noticed she’d not changed it back

  • The Boss(es Boss) is Blogging!

    Hurrah, welcome to the blogosphere Miki Szikszai! We’ve been discussing internal communications within our team for some time now, and recently had an offsite at which our profile was hotly debated. Blogging was one of the ways we identified we could raise our profiles internally and (where appropriate) externally. So, at some stage last week, […]

  • Great Guides coming soon?

    I saw this article come through on my RSS feeds a few days back and I thought “I really must flick that link out to some of my colleagues” then I thought “I really must throw that into a blog so I can get down some thinking’s around it” then I thought… “Oooh – Coffee…” […]

  • I got the world on a sling, sitting on a rainbow…

    Well okay, it’s not the whole world – it’s just the bits that Sky TV in New Zealand broadcast, and it’s not sitting on a rainbow either, it’s hooked into the home network and running over the internet. For those of you still confused as to what I’m talking about (i.e. probably everyone), I’ve recently […]

  • WoW – The MMOGs are taking over!

    The boss found this great site last week – makes for some pretty scary/impressive reading! The website started out as a bit of a personal interest research into Massivly Multiplayer Online Gaming (MMOGs) and, while still not a commercial undertaking, the site has gained quite a following – to the extent that some of the […]