WoW – The MMOGs are taking over!

The boss found this great site last week – makes for some pretty scary/impressive reading!

The website started out as a bit of a personal interest research into Massivly Multiplayer Online Gaming (MMOGs) and, while still not a commercial undertaking, the site has gained quite a following – to the extent that some of the game publishers are sending this guy their ‘actual’ numbers (read into that what you will fudge factor )

The website has gained the author such noteriety that he’s been quoted in a Norwegian newspaper, his data used in an Italian book on MMOG communities and is (at time of typing this) set to be interviewed on the BBC.

You can check out the latest happenings on his site, but I figured that a picture was worth a thousand words so check the chart below to see the growth in various MMOGs since Jan 1997 (note: given the direction of the green line, it would appear that it’s not just me)

MMOG Growth

There’s a heap more charts and commentary on the authors website so, if this has sparked your interest, then I’d encourage you to check it out for yourself and follow some of the related links from there,

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