Too Cold for Technology?

Well, I’ve spent a few hours on and off over the last few weeks looking out for some technology to recommend to Kevin who is about to head off to the south pole to have himself another adventure. The Kiwis on Ice Expedition is almost ready to go and they’re on the lookout for a couple of last minute bits of technology – the main one being a GPS unit which can survive the sub-zero temperatures, and be power friendly enough to not require too much in the way of charging.

Obviously this is pretty specialised technology and Kiwis being Kiwis, Kevin doesn’t seem too concerned about having to jury rig up something to deliver what he needs, regardless, I’ve pointed him toward the lads at Navman, who are a New Zealand based GPS technology firm in the hope that someone there may be able to lend their expertise.

I gave Kevin a quick overview of blogging and introduced him to WordPress so now he’s stood up his website and has got his hands on a developer type to tweak the template they are using and provide a bit more eye candy. I’ll be watching their progress with interest over the next few weeks. Good luck guys!