Backing up this Blog

Well – since I’m getting a bit more organised at home with our renovations, it seems to be trickling down into my online/digital life too. I then got to thinking, how MUCH would it suck if I lost my blog entries? I figured the answer was “Quite a lot” so – off to Google I went, and this is what I’ve found…

There’s a guy called Skippy (which ironically enough is what some of my friends call me) who has written a plugin for wordpress to handle backups – you can find it here.

I’ve installed it and it works, I do get a couple of errors reported, but from reading the comments from other users and the plugin author, this appears to be related to the php version being run and/or the fact that somes tables may contain no rows and the script doesn’t handle nul values too elegantly – not much of an issue IMO.







One response to “Backing up this Blog”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Nice work. Now back to the renovations you go…