Crikey – what a cool CMA!

In a number of my previous roles I’ve developed and led development teams to build some rather significant websites, these were all using enterprise level Content Management Applications (CMA) – my own personal site has however suffered somewhat from the ‘mechanics car’ syndrome and, though it’s had a few random refreshes, I’ve kept it flat, simple HTML, and it’s looked like it too.

Today we had a new guy start in our team and we got to talking about our personal websites and he�s recommended an Open Source content management suite called Joomla which on first view looks almost as good as Toms review. This blog entry will be a run down of my install experience on my Debian test machine.

  1. Get the latest Joomla release (and documentation) from
  2. Extract the files to the directory you want to run Joomla from:
    • cd /var/www/[pathtowebrootandjoomladirectory]/
    • tar xvfz Joomla_[version_number].tar.gz
  3. Make sure the permissions are set for Web Access
    • chown -R www-data:www-data *
    • chmod -R 777 *
    • (or something a little more secure if that make you feel more comfortable)
  4. From a browser, navigate to the Joomla directory and run through the checklist
    • http://[server_address]/Joomla/
  5. Once the checklist is all in the green, continue on through the pre-install check and license pages by clicking the �Next� button
  6. Flick into your SSH connection and setup a Joomla user
    • adduser joomla
    • mysqladmin --user=root create [databasename] -p
    • mysql -u root -e "grant all privileges on [databasename].* to [database_username]@localhost identified by '[database_username_password]'; flush privileges;"
  7. Step 1 � MySQL configuration
    • Hostname: localhost
    • MySQL username: [database_username]
    • MySQL Password: [database_username_password]
    • MySQL Table Prefix: jos_
  8. Step 2 � Site Name
    • Enter the name you want for your site
  9. Step 3 � Confirm site URL / Path etc
    • I just left these as defaults
  10. Step 4 � Install complete (Print out the admin login details for filing)
  11. Visit the site, heed the warning to delete the install directory (/var/www/Joomla/installation/) I had some weird error so I just used:
    • mv /var/www/[pathtowebrootandjoomladirectory]/installation/ /var/www/[pathtowebrootandjoomladirectory]/old.installation/

Note: I had a problem installing with an error �MySQL support Unavailable�. Forums suggest that I should run the following commands:

  • apt-get remove --purge mysql-common
  • and
  • apt-get install mysql-server-4.1
  • apt-get install php4-mysql







One response to “Crikey – what a cool CMA!”

  1. Rob Avatar

    You can now see the fruits of my (current) efforts at
    I’ve managed to switch my content over (well – most of it) and, while I’m not happy about some of the layout and content organisation stuff, it’s certainly a lot easier to update (and for *others* to update) so I just need to tweak the templates a little… I’ll have to have a chat to Tom about that side of things 🙂