Month: May 2009

  • On Goals, Persistence and Mentoring

    Much has been written of late around the ‘Susan Boyle Phenomenon’ and blogger Penelope Trunk has added her twist, using the song choice as a demonstration of setting goals that are hard but achievable, the delight of the judges when they realised this lady was something special as how mentors (or potential ones in this […]

  • Portable Hacking Device for Soldiers

    Now *this* is why it’d be fun to work in/with the Military in an innovation (non-lethal) capacity… loads of funding, loads of scope… okay, perhaps not here in New Zealand, but for economies such as the US, the defense contractors must get to play with some awesome toys, years ahead of the technology hitting the […]

  • Hacking with MSConfig – Speeding the boot process

    My laptop is slow to boot – painfully slow. Slow to the point that, after entering my credentials, I’ll go make a coffee or grab an architecture document to review – anything to avoid the minutes of chugging away which occurs whenever the boot scripts are doing their thing and all the Windows background processes […]

  • Awesome Siverlight / Photosynth Demo

    New Zealand Microsoftie Nigel Parker had a demo slot to fill at the WEB09 event and, after a chat with a colleague, decided to use crowd sourced images tagged as New Zealand to promote our beautiful country. The embedded video is the result of his frantic 3 days work where he used these images to […]