On Goals, Persistence and Mentoring

Much has been written of late around the ‘Susan Boyle Phenomenon’ and blogger Penelope Trunk has added her twist, using the song choice as a demonstration of setting goals that are hard but achievable, the delight of the judges when they realised this lady was something special as how mentors (or potential ones in this case) enjoy the success of their charges, and finally – how when you set a big goal, you need to persist – not quit, as only those who stick at it will realise the achievement they first sought.

Most people quit. That’s Seth Godin’s point: That you have to try something big, and you have to accept that anything big and huge requires you to have a dip – a point when you are wondering if it is worth it. And that’s where most people quit. For the most part, you cannot do something big without going through this process.

Sage advice indeed from both Penelope and Seth (who is well worth adding to your reading lists). Read the article here.






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  1. Peter Driscoll Avatar
    Peter Driscoll

    Well said Rob, good message, I always seem to need it ad valuable in these times – cheers