I’ve been Social Networking with Laurel Papworth

Wow, and ouch – my brain is full… I’ve just spent the last 2 days with Laurel Papworth, University of Sydney lecturer, and online communities consultant. She’s been over this side of the Tasman to chatting about the opportunities and futures in the online communities space, specifically around the social networking area.

Without sounding too much like a gushing fan-boy (too late?) I must say I was thoroughly impressed with Laurels depth and breadth of knowledge, couple that with her ability to go off on interesting tangents in our discussions (and the fact that she plays WoW), and she fitted right in to the team!

On a personal note, as you may have gathered from the recent flurry of activity on this blog, I’m going to try (once again – I know) to be a little more disciplined with keeping posts rolling over. No one likes a stale site, and to be honest, since I’m using a straight RSS feed to syndicate this content, I’m not entirely sure if anyone is even bothering to visit or subscribe anymore… Sigh, all these little pearls of wisdom may well be decaying out there in the digital ether… it’s all a bit sad really!

But, I can rejoice in the knowledge that ‘Brand Rob’ isn’t subjected to the same scrutiny as most corporate communications, and I can bask in the refreshing reality of being able to express my own opinions and thoughts without adversely affecting my share value. Of course the share price of ‘Brand Rob’ tends to only affect my major stockholder, who initiated her friendly takeover 4 years ago this coming Thursday (awwwww <wink>).