Twitter, live feedback and THAT Sarah Lacy Interview…

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Back Story: Sarah Lacy is a writer for BusinessWeek who conducted an interview at South by Southwest (SXSW). She didn’t do a good job, in fact, she did a really bad job and there are a number of dissections of her interview (including this very good one) and the flood of Twitters which occurred during and after the interview. There is some video, some good quality – but incomplete and some bad quality.

And now you’re up to speed… on with the post.

I feel almost sorry for Ms Lacy, indeed I would feel sorry for her if (from the video) she had actually appeared to care about what her interviewee was saying (watch for the body language and lack of eye contact). She got a hard time from the crowd and ended up losing it, but her major failing has been that she still hasn’t been able to admit that she handled things badly and went so far as to tweet back to the Twittering community from her account “seriously screw all you guys. I did my best to ask a range of things” along with a few other tweets where she appears to think the interview was a success and what a rough day she’s had, but how she will soldier on.

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