PAIN! (I’ve lost my interweb)

Monday afternoon was painful.

While I was at work, I’d received a notification that my community wireless point had gone offline – this hadn’t happened since I’d switched to my new router, but regardless, I wasn’t too concerned… until I got home. No interweb, then a call on my cellphone “I’ve been ringing and ringing – where are you?”. Oh crap. It appears the phone was also dead (in my defense, what self respecting geek checks a POTS line these days?!).

On the phone to 120 and, after 2 arguments with the automated voice recognition system, I got through to the people I needed to talk to, well – the queue anyway. Fifteen minutes later I had a human on the phone and, nice chap that he was he quickly determined it was an external issue “might be a cut line out on the street or something”, diverted calls to our home line over to my mobile, and told me the earliest I could expect resolution would be “around midday on Wednesday”. Frick – 2 days of no web?!

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