The Geek *will* inherit the earth…

Image of GeeksMy eye was caught this morning by an article referencing some research published mid-this month from UCLA. The article stated that “…this is an evolutionary change which will put the tech-savvy at the top of the new social order.” The geek will inherit the earth after all? This is tempered somewhat by the need to understand when technology or interpersonal skill should be employed in a given interaction.

“We’re seeing an evolutionary change. The people in the next generation who are really going to have the edge are the ones who master the technological skills and also face-to-face skills,” - Gary Small (via phone interview to Reuters)

There’s a few links to some UCLA publications here and here. Interestingly, the conclusions drawn by this article are somewhat different to the UCLA source, but maybe that just me not reading close enough just yet (I blame writing on the bus while listening to podcasts…)

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