Now you see me – EEE Webcam *Fixed* (WinXP SP3)

In one of those spontaneous, but unexplained ‘Windows Weirdness’ events, my web cam on the EEE decided to cease working over the weekend.

I found this out after (re)installing Skype under Windows XP. It had previously worked fine with the web cam under Ubuntu, the web cam *was* working fine from the WinXP nLite build, but – when cranking up Skype for the first time, I noted the web cam was nowhere to be seen.

After checking device manager, trying to add/detect new hardware under ‘Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras’ and checking the web cam was enabled in the BIOS,  I resorted to my faithful friend Mr Google and found this entry in the eeeuser forum.

While not specifically related, it provided a link to the web cam manufacturers driver which proved useful after disabling then re enabling the camera in the BIOS. So, if you’re having problems with your EEE web cam under Windows XP (SP3), this may help… If you’re not, then cheers for visiting – and perhaps another post is more worthy of your consumption 🙂