Battlefield 2 � Flying a Helicopter

How to not die
In General:
Keep an eye on your vehicle health meter and repair often. It�s imperative to know where you can repair too, instead of hot footing it all the way back to you base with a damaged helo (which is just asking for a stray shot sending you and your crew to respawn central.
Some maps offer multiple repair/rearm spots. Also, if a flag is neutral at the enemies chopper pad, you can repair there as well. You can also hover over an engineer or vehicle with an engineer in it.

If you�re looking for things to blow up (and who isn�t) take out empty AA if you have the opportunity � both you and your gunner should learn where these positions are on the maps and use your TV missiles on them whenever the opportunity is presented.

Some ground based equipment has limited fields of vision so coming in at different angles may be of an advantage, the same can be said for distracted/unobservant enemy vehicles and troops.

Don�t go in guns blazing, especially against a better Helo pilot and gunner or any other vehicle (assuming everyone is better skilled, better armed and less damaged than you is a good rule of thumb) get that height before engaging and use your camera guided missiles where you can�

Against Missiles:
Don�t panic � I�ve managed to down choppers from AA just by maintaining a lock on them while watching them fling themselves around, and eventually into the ground, or a building�

If a jet has a lock on you, pop your flares immediately and turn to face the incoming bird while quickly dropping altitude.
Your gunner should be cycling views (this is where voice is good as you can give directions �10 o�clock high � jet – cam shot�) and getting a TV missile ready to fire.
If you�ve been practising, a barrel roll is a good way to lose altitude quickly and you can come out of the roll heading for cover such as a building. If you can line up the jet – stay stable so your gunner can loose the TV guided missle, at the missile/jet closing speed � the jet will generally be unable to evade, scratch one fast mover�
Otherwise, drop down below him and close the distance between you fast, you’ll find yourself indise his no engage zone and/or he’ll lose his lock (just don’t plant yourself with your dive).

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