Tanking Twimailer (and Trying Topify)

Dump TruckYesterday Alain E. posted the following comment on my Twimailer article

It is like Topify.com before less interesting. And in addition their twitter account is not even working. I personnally tried both and prefer Topify (first because their have a much nicer site) because their emails are better and allow follow back right from the message. In addition, I had too many down time with twimailer…

To be honest, I’ve not had any issues with the [Twimailer] service to date, but this comment sparked my interest – which peaked when I read this article on Read Write Web. It appears that Twimailer has been sold (for a somewhat paltry sum) to an unknown, who is in turn trying to flick off the service to another buyer less than a week after acquiring it.

As a result of this article, I have gone into my Twitter settings, changed my email back to the one used prior to the Twimailer service AND changed my password. I’d suggest that others do the same.

It may seem a little reactionary, but as I use my identity not only for my private tweets but also in support of my work, the potential threat of hijack is too high a price to pay for continued support for a service which has failed to inform its network of some pretty key changes in it’s organisation. Sorry Twimailer, it’s over between us, I’m moving on – and trying Topify

So my thanks once again to Alain for peaking my interest, and to the guys at RWW for keeping across these technologies – these are the reasons that you get my subscriptions to your Twitter and RSS feeds.

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5 thoughts on “Tanking Twimailer (and Trying Topify)”

  1. If you visited the Topify homepage and registered for your invite… and have been waiting for an age for something to come through – you can simply follow this link and click one of the invite links direct from the Topify blog. (I wish they’d made that a little more obvious…)

  2. I was about to try Twimailer myself but stopped for the same reasons. I have been using Topify for a few days now and really like it.

    My review is available at:


    and there are a couple of different ways you can setup your email so that you don’t have to give everything directly to Topify. Here’s how:


    Hope that helps and good luck with the change.


  3. Thanks for the links JC – you’ve written some good articles there 🙂
    And thank you to Ouriel for making such an awesome product – I really felt the follower pain during the switchover downtime – but am loving the ability to Reply, DM and check out the follower history all from the one email – Awesome.

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