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  • Rob v2.1 (Tobias John Inskeep)

    For those of you waiting for news of my sons arrival, here it is… Hi all, We are delighted to share our news that Tobias John Inskeep arrived  safely into this world at 14:07 today (16/10/2008) weighing in at 3.590 Kg at North Shore Hospital.   (convert here if you’re still rejecting the metric system introduced […]

  • Big Mother (or Father) is watching…

    I’m not 100% sure I like the idea of this, but several US insurance companies are now offering devices to be installed in the cars driven by teenagers which report on unsafe and inattentive driving behaviours. Reading this article, it appears that the participants are almost ambivilent about the intrusion into their behaviour away from […]

  • Virtually there

    Todays entry was sparked by a story from WoW Insider, one of many sites which features in my RSS feeds. The column, from Azeroth Interrupted, tells a story of two brothers who are using the WoW universe to reunite and learn about what has happened in the many years that they have been seperated. This […]

  • Disaster Recovery

    I came across this link a few days ago which covers off some strategies for making technology work for you in terms of organising yourself in case of an emergency. It kind of resonates with my recent posting on backups, but then takes it a step further into the analogue world and makes some suggestions […]

  • Migrating my Mail

    I’ve been running a mail server in-house (home) for the last 4 or so years. Initially I had previously tried a few different Linux distros, mainly because the hardware I was running the mail server on was a little… underpowered (Tecra 8000 Celeron with 64MB ram). But also because I wanted some geek-cred points in […]

  • To HD or Not HD – That is the question…

    Given the work I’ve been doing over the last few years in the DVR/PVR/Television space, I’m now being (rightly or wrongly) sought out by my friends and family for advice as to what to buy when they’re replacing their Television sets. I’ve written an entry on this previously, but figure it’s probably worth another post […]

  • Too Cold for Technology?

    Well, I’ve spent a few hours on and off over the last few weeks looking out for some technology to recommend to Kevin who is about to head off to the south pole to have himself another adventure. The Kiwis on Ice Expedition is almost ready to go and they’re on the lookout for a […]

  • l33+ $p34k – OMFG I’m ROTFLMFAOTIPMP…

    Our lovely (/ poor long suffering) grad student was up in Auckland yesterday and, harking from Wellington it seemed like a good idea to change her personal message on her IM client to “I LOVE Auckland”. This provided us with some amusement, which compounded this morning when we noticed she’d not changed it back

  • My Wife, the WoW Widow…

    I really feel for my wife Amanda, she is a patient, understanding lady who has suffered my recent immersion into the World of Warcraft with only a few ‘discussions’ as to how long I should spend “playing *&%@#ing computer games” :). For those of you fortunate enough to not have been exposed to what has […]

  • Blogging from my Browser…

    Okay, I’m supposed to be on holiday, but since the in-laws are running a Bed & Breakfast called The Olde Millhouse B&B in Renwick, Marlborough they have got themselves broadband (yep – ADSL ‘JetStream’ is even avalible in the South Island!) so they can stay on top of their guests emails and stuff. Anyway, it […]