Category: HOWTO

  • Setting up Sarge

    I’m finding more and more need for a large amount of ‘always on’ storage to be available on my home network and, the recent release of Debian 3.1 (Sarge) has enticed me to repurpose a box I had around the house and get it up and running…

  • Aaaargh – the pain… THE PAIN!

    I’m moving servers after many years and the transition hasn’t been a comfortable experience…

  • Tricks for the TiVo

    As part of the on-going duplication of data around the interweb, this page is more for my reference than anything else, but if you find this page (and find it useful, then good on you. The TiVo sites I frequent the most are NZ Tivo – The NZ TiVo Community and Oz Tivo which, despite […]

  • HOWTO: Upgrading the Firmware on your Nokia M1122 / MW1122

    It’s a frightening prospect, knowingly starting a process which you KNOW could result in you losing you beloved connection to the Internet – but when you’ve got an old, old Nokia MW1122 which needs a firmware update, it’s just one of those things which needs to be done. After all, if it all goes pear-shaped, […]

  • HOWTO: MythTV in NZ

    There’s a page I wrote ages back here which covers off my early experience with MythTV on Fedora – I’ve chosen to just link to it from here as, well – Google knows the old location and I really don’t want to re-edit everything to suit this new blogging template (ahh, the flexibility of flat […]

  • Ahh… The Helpful Internet

    Years and years (and years) ago, I bought a CodeAlarm 2000.This was pretty much the flashest car alarm you could get in New Zealand at the time and it even allowed keyless entry via remote door locking/unlocking (a feature that I know have difficulty living without). Imagine my horror then, when I learned that CodeAlarm […]