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  • Migrating my Mail

    I’ve been running a mail server in-house (home) for the last 4 or so years. Initially I had previously tried a few different Linux distros, mainly because the hardware I was running the mail server on was a little… underpowered (Tecra 8000 Celeron with 64MB ram). But also because I wanted some geek-cred points in […]

  • To HD or Not HD – That is the question…

    Given the work I’ve been doing over the last few years in the DVR/PVR/Television space, I’m now being (rightly or wrongly) sought out by my friends and family for advice as to what to buy when they’re replacing their Television sets. I’ve written an entry on this previously, but figure it’s probably worth another post […]

  • Getting it together

    Right – before we start hacking into the dashboard and cutting holes in the carpet, there’s a few things we need to sort out first: Research Hardware Software First Cut functionality Build and Testing Mounting the unit Research Obviously the internet is a great resource for gathering information about this project. In a lot of […]

  • Pimping MY Ride…

    This isn’t a “we’re gonna lower this down, drop in some 20″ rims with some spinner action going on - and bling out the soundz” post, this is a “How do I maintain some semblance of respectability now that lifes events have conspired to force the purchase of a 7-seater vehicle?” post… A few weekends ago my […]

  • Getting High

    A few weeks ago, I was transferred to the ‘Video Services’ team while our company-wide restructure continues on into its ninth month. This transfer is part and parcel with the braindump we’re doing after my recent trip to IBC and has the potential to get my darling Wife ‘into’ TV enough to let me finally get […]

  • Editing DVR-MS Files

    I love my Windows Media Center – it’s been in place for a little over 2 years now (I think, it’s all been a blur of watching what I want, when I want) but the one thing which has bugged me is the amount of disk space the recordings take, especially given I can now […]

  • Home Storage

    Today (17/07/2006) we received a couple of Buffalo TeraStation Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. These devices came kitted out with 1Tb of disk (each) and will be used within ETS to centrally store our media (MP3 music, WMV VoD files, DVR-MS MCE Recordings). This entry will cover the unpacking and installation of one of the […]

  • I wish I was photogenic

    I just found a link to this plugin for wordpress. Essentially, it allows you to comment based on a timecode in the video stream – I need to find something (which isn’t me) to video so I can try this out! I was thinking I could use this video of human space invaders, but – […]

  • I got the world on a sling, sitting on a rainbow…

    Well okay, it’s not the whole world – it’s just the bits that Sky TV in New Zealand broadcast, and it’s not sitting on a rainbow either, it’s hooked into the home network and running over the internet. For those of you still confused as to what I’m talking about (i.e. probably everyone), I’ve recently […]

  • A Disc of Drivers…

    While catching up on my RSS feeds, I came across the following post which, to summarise, is about a guys crusade to pull all the Microsoft Windows XP drivers into a single CD. BRILLIANT! (and I’m glad it’s not me keeping this updated), as someone who rebuilds PCs on an all too regular basis, often […]