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  • I wish I was photogenic

    I just found a link to this plugin for wordpress. Essentially, it allows you to comment based on a timecode in the video stream – I need to find something (which isn’t me) to video so I can try this out! I was thinking I could use this video of human space invaders, but – […]

  • The Boss(es Boss) is Blogging!

    Hurrah, welcome to the blogosphere Miki Szikszai! We’ve been discussing internal communications within our team for some time now, and recently had an offsite at which our profile was hotly debated. Blogging was one of the ways we identified we could raise our profiles internally and (where appropriate) externally. So, at some stage last week, […]

  • Money makes the (virtual) world go around…

    A hat tip to my friend John who sent me this link from the BBC site regarding Project Entropia who have just released a cash card which allows gamers to convert the currency the earn in-game, to real world dollars ? and this cash card can be used in cash machines around the world.

  • Catching Casts Just Got Easier

    Hey wow, I just recieved an email from Adam Zand from Topaz Partners (who are the doing the PR for the guys who brought us the MyPodder software which I blogged about here). Russell Holliman and his team have built on the MyPodder application since I last blogged about it and are releasing MyPodder formally […]

  • Google is going to take over the world…(still)

    Ah yes, Google have released a new volly of shots across the bows of their compeditors in the online space… This time, they’ve come out with a web page hosting solution “Google Page Creator“ which I’ve just signed up to try out.

  • Blogging from my Browser…

    Okay, I’m supposed to be on holiday, but since the in-laws are running a Bed & Breakfast called The Olde Millhouse B&B in Renwick, Marlborough they have got themselves broadband (yep – ADSL ‘JetStream’ is even avalible in the South Island!) so they can stay on top of their guests emails and stuff. Anyway, it […]

  • Backing up this Blog

    Well – since I’m gettign a bit more organised at home with our renovations, it seems to be trickling down into my online/digital life too. I then got to thinking, how MUCH would it suck if I lost my blog entries? I figured the answer was “Quite a lot”…