Month: November 2008

  • Mini Notebook / Netbook Snapshot

    I’m sitting here, away from my desk waiting to be joined by a guy I work with to discuss mini notebooks/netbooks that may fit his needs. Given I’m writing this entry on my ASUS EEE 701, I guess I should declare a slight bias, but none the less – the 15 minutes of Googles and […]

  • Video: Company Values

    This link has been bouncing around the NZ twitter space this morning, it’s very well constructed video of a young company and their employees explaining what it means to be, and work at the company. It reminded me of my early days at an NZ IT start up, and also of the early days at […]

  • “Improving a pain in the ass doesn’t make it a kiss.”

    Doc Searls ended a recent post on the folly of yet another guess as to how to get online advertising to work with those words. A succinct yet accurate observation such as I’ve come to expect from the Doc since first encountering his thinking while reading the The Cluetrain Manifesto back in 2001. He is […]

  • Larry Lessig – Master of presentation

    I watched the following presentation this morning and was moved on a number of levels (hat tip @gnat for the heads up to this clip). Firstly, the way Larry Lessig speaks is very powerful, his timing, use of pause, his accentuation of important points – he is very easy to listen to. Secondly, the presentation […]