Tweaking Ubuntu 7.10 on the ASUS EEE

This post covers the tweaks I’ve done on my EEE post-install. I have tried a number of methods suggested by various EEE/Ubuntu pages, and these appear to work the best for my requirements. As always, your mileage may vary and I would suggest checking out the original source webpage which I will refer to wherever possible in this post. The bulk of these instructions come from the Ubuntu Community page dedicated to the EEE, other sources are stated where relevant.

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Installing Ubuntu 7.10 on the ASUS EEE – Take 2.5

Now the EEE has been out for awhile (it’s even advertised in NZ retailers such as JB HiFi!) there’s a few more places to go for help, and a lot more people who are smarter than I am working as part of the community to bring these hints and tips together.

I’ve recently found Ubuntu-eee and will be using that as my base for this installation. However, as I’ve progressed through the wiki, I have found some items which are contradictory and some which just plain do not work. Because of this I will capture a snapshot of what I did at the time of install but if you are following this as a guide for your own configuration, you may want to revisit the wiki to see what, if anything, has been updated or clarified.

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RIP Sir Edmund Hillary

It’s a wild deviation from the normal subject matter for this blog, but I feel compelled to add my hat tip to what will be many tributes to this great man.
At 0900 this morning the great man who was the first to conquer Mt Everest passed away. RIP Sir Ed, you are an inspiration to many New Zealanders, myself included.