From the Studio to the Home

I’ve just finished giving a presentation at the Conferenz ‘Digital Media & Content Summit’ in Auckland. While it was a lot of work putting the presentation and supporting document together, I found it quite a rewarding experience to be able to capture my thinking on the subject of Digital Entertainment.
The conference organisers are publishing my whitepaper and presentation notes on their website, but I felt it would be appropriate to also distribute them here to gain additional feedback on the topic.

So please feel free to download the documents, have a read, and let me know what you think. This is open source thinking, but an example of what I’m doing in my current role.
Note also the disclaimers in the documents, this is not a company policy statement, it is “free thinking” around what the future could look like and what challenges and opportunities exist therein.

Please note that the presentation is a ‘Notes View’ of a Microsoft Powerpoint slide pack and as such doesn’t have the transitions or builds of the slides, so things will look a little.. strange. I did try to host this on Slideshare, but it doesn’t handle builds either so, let me know if you have ideas as to where it can be hosted to represent the actual run through.

Carputer Update

Not a lot has been happenning on this front, life has been getting in the way of spare time to twiddle with technology, but a huge thanks once again goes out to my very own liveware version of Google, or as I call him… Tom.
Tom flicked me a link to iMedia who are a bunch of people building ITX based linux distro for various applications, one of which is a MythTV build.

So – the plan is, I’ll run up this build in a VM (Virtual Machine) and do a bit of customisation to it to make it car suitable… and we’ll see how we go from there. Does this count as progress?

The Encyclopedia of Life

I love TED (the website) and, while I was discussing the sites wide range of content this morning over a coffee, I was trying to remember who gave this talk as I keep using it as an example of what community content could drive. So – thank you Dr E.O. Wilson for inspiring me, and here’s a link to his speech for my future reference.

Hopefully this will also serve to inspire some of you who may happen past this page. You can view the discussion above, or click here for the 480p resolution video.