Month: September 2007

  • From the Studio to the Home

    I’ve just finished giving a presentation at the Conferenz ‘Digital Media & Content Summit’ in Auckland. While it was a lot of work putting the presentation and supporting document together, I found it quite a rewarding experience to be able to capture my thinking on the subject of Digital Entertainment. The conference organisers are publishing […]

  • Carputer Update

    Not a lot has been happenning on this front, life has been getting in the way of spare time to twiddle with technology, but a huge thanks once again goes out to my very own liveware version of Google, or as I call him… Tom. Tom flicked me a link to iMedia who are a […]

  • The Encyclopedia of Life

    I love TED (the website) and, while I was discussing the sites wide range of content this morning over a coffee, I was trying to remember who gave this talk as I keep using it as an example of what community content could drive. So – thank you Dr E.O. Wilson for inspiring me, and […]