Taking it to the street(s) – I’m providing an open WiFi node…

Continuing on in the vein of community content, I’ve just started running an open wireless access point, segregated from my network and throttled to protect my cap from leechers, but open none the less.

People joining the network are greeted by a splash page prior to continuing on to their content

This is an experiment in offering open wireless access to the community in which I live.
I have throttled the speed of this network to protect my usage cap, but it should be fine for commuters pulling down emails etc. (Don’t read and drive 😉 ). This network is UNSECURED so it is up to YOU to protect YOUR machine, and make appropriate choices about what data you transmit across this link.
If you are interested in seeing how this project is going, please check out the following:

[A Graph Goes Here]

Please do not abuse this network or I will be forced to block your PC and/or pull the access from everyone.

I’m hoping that no one does screw with the network as it’d be nice to think that people will appreciate the access for what it is, freely given as a service to SHARE with others.