Month: November 2005

  • Crikey – what a cool CMA!

    In a number of my previous roles I’ve developed and led development teams to build some rather significant websites, these were all using enterprise level Content Management Applications (CMA) – my own personal site has however suffered somewhat from the ‘mechanics car’ syndrome and, though it’s had a few random refreshes, I’ve kept it flat, simple HTML, and it’s looked like it too.

  • Weather

    Much to the amusement of (some) of my collegues, I enjoy tracking weather conditions and, as sad as it sounds, I plan to get myself a wee weather station which I can stick on my house to monitor conditions there via my home network… This entry is simply to pull in the details which I’m currently gathering from the MetService website and graphing via my Linux server.

  • Debian Sarge and Cacti

    As my network at home has got busier, I�ve been finding weird things are going on and so have needed to implement a degree of monitoring on my network (if only to keep tabs on where all my hard drive space is going), I looked at a number of possibilities but have settled on SNMP monitoring via �Cacti�, running on a Debian 3.1 �Sarge� linux server�