Month: October 2005

  • Backing up this Blog

    Well – since I’m gettign a bit more organised at home with our renovations, it seems to be trickling down into my online/digital life too. I then got to thinking, how MUCH would it suck if I lost my blog entries? I figured the answer was “Quite a lot”…

  • Viewing multiple video streams using Linksys WVC54G

    We’ve got a couple of Linksys WVC54G IP cameras lying around the office from a previous project, so I was thinking “How hard would it be to create a page I could navigate to from my home PC (or media center) to view live video streams from these cameras?” Apparently, it’s a bit harder than one would think…

  • Rotateable Racks are Rad!

    (Or �Swivelling Shelves are Sweet�) I *finally* got around to installing my HT gear into the rack I bought for it ages back. It�s been one of those parts of the house renovation which I�ve really been looking forward to and now (apart from a bit of cable tidy up and the attachment of the IR blasters) it�s in place!