Month: September 2005

  • Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility

    As I’ve posted earlier, I’ve been running Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 (MCE 2005) for quite awhile and, for the most part it’s great – however I found a utility on the Green Button forums this morning which I wish I’d discovered a loooong time ago…

  • Battlefield 2 � Flying a Helicopter

    I�ve yet to find a suitable �Helicopter Flying 101 for Battlefield 2� page out there � so if you know of one (or have written one yourself) then please send me a link so I can point people in it�s direction. Give this lack of (easily found) flying tips, I�ve compiled a number of pointers which I�ve managed to glean from forums, message boards, in game chats and the occasional fleeting reference on clan and fan pages � while I�d like to attribute the original authors, the sources are too many so I�m only planning to link/reference pages which are outstanding in the depth of information they hold. Read on, enjoy and please � play nicely