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  • Tabnabbing – An Even More Evil Phishing Attack

    Wow – I’ve just finished reading a recent blog post by Aza Raskin (creative lead for Firefox) and he presents an interesting new phishing attack vector for us to be(a)ware of, that of ‘Tabnabbing’. For many of us, phishing attempts, (that is – attempts by ‘evil’ sites or emails to pretend they are from legitimate […]

  • Upgrading to Firefox 3.0 (Release) on Ubuntu 8.04

    It’s Firefox 3.0 release day (well, if you factor in the lack of understanding of timezones, to be fair – New Zealanders should have been downloading it yesterday) – anyway, mini soapbox aside, there seems to be a lack of simple instructions as to how to update Firefox on Ubuntu 8.04 from the version 3 beta to the release version – so I thought I’d do the foot (finger?) work for you…