The Power of Contactability

Yesterday I set myself up a GMail account for this blog so that, just incase someone *does* read it (or I guess, more to the point, the articles linked to from it) they can contact me and give me some feedback.
I’ve come in this morning to an email message all the way from Kansas State University College of Architecture Planning and Design where Brent O’Connor has fed back on my Debian Sarge HOWTO, letting me know that to reload my Sarge Server without rebooting I just need to run “/etc/init.d/inetd reload” (given that I’d posted �Reboot the server (or figure out how to reload the affected configuration files – and let me know)� in my original document).

So wow, huge thanks for Brent from Kansas for paying attention to the man behind the curtain and letting me know that tip, I’ve since updated the page to reflect his advice.

For those of you without contact addresses on your websites, get one up there! You’ll see that I’ve used a GMail account as it’s pretty much disposable in terms of being able to change it at anytime should SPAM levels get too high, and of course I’ve also munged the address to try and upset the spambots ability to harvest the address in the first place (I guess the munging also serves as a kind of intelligence test for people contacting me too! 🙂 ). It’s kind of rewarding to realise that other people are reading your site and can discuss what you’ve written (should they choose to), so this isn’t really just a resource for Rob when I forget stuff any longer I guess – yippee!



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