A Looong List

I took last week off work to do some stuff around the house. Amandas folks were up from Blenhiem for the boys birthday party so I spent the week tidying up the yard and getting some of the renovations we’ve not had time/headspace for all sorted out. About halfway through the ‘week off’ I got a text, then another text, then a call from my boss who told me that I’d probably be on a plane to the UK/Europe for some vendor meetings and a broadcasting conference at the end of the week following. Well crikey, that threw me in to a tail spin, I had to organise a passport as my old one has expired and fire it down to Wellington in the hopes that a express service will get it processed and back to Auckland in time for me to hop on the plane. Aside from that, I’ve got to arrange cover for everything else that I look after on a day to day basis which I can’t do from the other side of the world.

  • Upload Boys Party Photos
  • Repair / Pickup Notebook bag
  • Remote Admin of Network while I’m away
  • Install Web Based MCE tools
  • Install Orb on one of the Media Center Boxes
  • Guide for Media Center
  • Build an OS for Traveling
  • Move Data to Traveling Notebook
  • Go through last weeks work emails
  • Prepare work documents for Trip
  • Pack for Trip
  • Document “How everything works” in the Ideatorium
  • Media Center Plugins for Google Video and YouTube, IP Cameras, and update the Weather App to HeatWave
  • Update renovations page on family site because John is linking to it (and it’s WAY out of date). Okay, well that isn’t gonna happen, but still – it’d be nice to have an update huh?

Sheesh – I’d best get to it.






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