Setting up the EEE 1005PE

This post has been far too long in coming – mainly because some miscrent broke into my car and stole a bunch of my gear – including the charger for my 6 hour old ASUS EEE 1005PE. The replacment charger took over 40 days to source (that’s what you get for living in New Zealand).

Anyway, this georgous wee netbook replaced my vintage EEE 701 4G and came pre loaded with Windows 7 Starter – and a bunch of trialware which took an absolute age to purge from the drive. It’s now dual-booting Win7 and Ubuntu 10.04 (which is my primary OS of choice).

As a side note – under Ubuntu 10.04, the Atheros AR2427 wireless card fails to be detected due a different hardware device ID of 002c which the ath9k wifi driver in the current (~ June 2010) kernel does not understand. However, all is not lost – simply follow the HOWTO written by James Little to add the patched driver to your current kernal and, 5 minutes later, you’ll have a wireless Ubuntu netbook once again (Thanks James!!)



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2 responses to “Setting up the EEE 1005PE”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Where did you get that replacement charger. Wife lost mine. cheers

    1. NZRob Avatar

      Hey there Andrew, I ended up sourcing mine via PB Technologies ( ) however I've also sourced EEE chargers from – be prepared for things to fall into a black hole until the item arrives via post from China however – but they have been quicker (and cheaper) than sourcing items locally on a few occasions. After the second day of leaving my charger at home I'm also keen on a second unit to keep here 🙂