PBX in a Flash – Cyclic Reboot under Hyper-V

RebootThis post is for anyone who is running into an issue where following the guide over on Nerd Vittles and setting up under Hyper-V leaves their virtual machine in a cyclic reboot… er, cycle.

Cyclic Reboot
Fig 1: Cyclic reboot error

If you are quick enough, you may catch the error (Fig 1)

umount: can't umount /mnt/selinux: Invalid argument

..which isn’t entirely helpful, but does point us to something being misunderstood during boot time.

The solution is fairly simple (once you figure out what’s happening), simply follow these steps;

  • As the machine is rebooting, press a key when prompted to get to the GRUB menu
  • Hit <C> to change the configuration
  • Use the backspace key to remove ‘VGA=791’ from the end of the GRUB command line
  • Press <Enter> to save the changes and reboot
  • PROFIT! (well, a login prompt anyway…)

You can then continue with the installation of PBX in a Flash (PIAF) on your (now working) Hyper-V machine.

Good luck!