Disaster Recovery

I came across this link a few days ago which covers off some strategies for making technology work for you in terms of organising yourself in case of an emergency.

It kind of resonates with my recent posting on backups, but then takes it a step further into the analogue world and makes some suggestions as to what information you need to make avalible to those close to you should you be incapacitated.
While I don’t agree with some of the recommented digital storage mechinisms (especially since usernames and passwords are involved – I think that analogue is more secure, as long as the copy is physically secured too – much identity theft is perpetrated by family members after all). I would have to add the Domain certificates and authentications to this list, along with my many many identities on the forums around the web to which I belong.

Perhaps I should update my will with a brief note to be copied and pasted into the forums of all these sites, excusing me from any future interactions due to my death, kind of a posthumous adios 🙂



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