Battlefield 2 � Flying a Helicopter

How to Kill Stuff
Communication is the key, it�s almost pointless to take off without a gunner, and where possible � get a gunner who can use the in-game voice communication as it�s a very efficient way of staying in sync with each other as to what to aim for.

Flying Stuff
Take the high ground, altitude is your friend when attacking another helo as shots through their rotors inflict some nice damage, and of course you�re out of reach of their gunner and the dreaded TV guided missiles. Use your rudder and move backward to ensure you always keep your enemy in sight, if you get above him, use your gunners view position to indicate which way he�s gone � remember, your gunner can see a steeper angle than you.

If you come across a chopper from the side or rear, Let your gunner know stay off the chaingun (don�t alert them to your presence) and line himself up for a camera shot (surprise� you�re dead!).

Ground Stuff
Don’t dive at a steep angle towards things you’re trying to rocket, you’ll almost always over-shoot them, and if you don’t overshoot them then you’re basically flying straight down and, while ramming the object with your helo will usually kill it, bear in mind that it will usually have the same effect on you and your crew some of whom will not be happy about the circumstance.

It�s best to come in at a nice -10 to -20 degree angle, and remember that your rockets don’t shoot where your crosshair is, they in fact shoot right between the crosshair and the horizontal lines. Also [possibly a good candidate for moving to the Zen section] remember that your role is as *pilot*, your job is to provide a stable platform for your gunner to fire from, preferably using his TV guided missiles. Rockets are difficult to aim accurately as you don�t have the fine control that your gunner has, let him do the work while you keep the vehicle healthy, armed and able to find a steady supply of targets. Your gunners aiming centre is a couple of centimetres below yours.