Ahh… The Helpful Internet

Years and years (and years) ago, I bought a CodeAlarm 2000.This was pretty much the flashest car alarm you could get in New Zealand at the time and it even allowed keyless entry via remote door locking/unlocking (a feature that I know have difficulty living without).
Imagine my horror then, when I learned that CodeAlarm were no longer in business and, now that my second remote case had snapped, there was no one in New Zealand who could get a new plastic case to replace the broken ones.

Of course, this resulted in a quick googling, and – in a very short space of time, I’d turned up a couple of sites who could help.
Not only did I find a company who would sell me new cases(though at US$10 each it’s probably a bit steep – it is just a plastic case after all), but I also found a site which told me (since I’ve ‘misplaced’ my owners manual) how to re-programthe remote which has had a recent battery replacement. I’ve decided toreplicate these instructions below to help keep this info archived.

CodeAlarm Remote Programming Instructions

Remote Transmitter Programming:

In order to enter Learn Routine, the Valet/ Program button must be plugged into the blue port (Look for a small push button located under the drivers dash or kick panel).

  1. Open a door.
  2. Turn the ignition on to the RUN/ACC position (or you may also start car).
  3. Within 15 seconds press and release the momentary push button to select the channel you wish to program. (e.g. press and release once for channel 1 (arm/disarm channel).
  4. Press and hold the Valet/Program push button once more. You should get a confirmation chirp/horn-honk.
  5. If you do not get a chirp/horn-honk the alarm may have a jumper inthe alarm that has the programming feature turned OFF (disabled).
  6. Once the alarm chirps/horn-honks keep holding the momentary button.
  7. Press the button on the transmitter that you would like to control the selected receiver channel. A chirp/horn-honk will confirm that the code has been learned. If programming more than one transmitter repeat this step for each. (Note: Old transmitter codes will be dropped only if programming 4 new transmitters).
  8. Once the code(s) are learned, the momentary push button can be released.

Learn Routine will be exited if:

  • Ignition is turned off
  • Door is closed
  • Program push button is pressed too many times
  • More than 15 seconds elapses between steps
  • One long chirp/horn-honk indicates that Learn Routine has been exited.

So there you have it, Google saves the day (again) – and now I’m off to discover if I could simply replace my remotes with the Rhino UHF Learning Remote which Dick Smith sells (Cat#L5440) for NZ$49.60



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