A Disc of Drivers…

While catching up on my RSS feeds, I came across the following post which, to summarise, is about a guys crusade to pull all the Microsoft Windows XP drivers into a single CD.

BRILLIANT! (and I’m glad it’s not me keeping this updated), as someone who rebuilds PCs on an all too regular basis, often for friends who’ve lost their original CDs/Manuals/Drivers, this will prove to be a very very handy disc for my toolkit.So, for my future reference (and perhaps yours) here is the link to the introduction page of DriverPacks where the author explains the idea, quotes some naysayers and then provides links to the various driver packs he has created. They include all the most common chipsets that I come across and, though the download process is a little convoluted, I guess he needs to cover his a$$ from a legal standpoint so it’s a small price to pay to get the drivers for all your favorites LAN/Sound/Chipset/CPU/WLAN devices.

About 128MB of downloads later, along with a quick visit to the 7-Zip project page over at sourceforge (which you will need to uncompress the files) I now have a handy dandy disc of drivers!

Gotta love the internet and the community who inhabit it 🙂