TEDx Auckland – Session Two: Wendy McGuinness

Second to the stage was a ‘Reluctant Futurist’ namely Wendy McGuinness from Sustainable Future, an “independent think tank specialising in research and policy analysis.”
Wendy spoke on “The Danger of Now” which, in summary, was about ensuring you take into account whereabouts you (or your project/strategy) fits in the grander scheme of things. Some takeouts from the talk were as follows:
TEDxAkl - The only passable photo I have There are three types of futures:

  • Probable
  • Possible
  • Preferred

When testing a scenario or future one should:

  • Define: Parameters, Trends, Drivers, Assumptions
  • Explore: Uncertainties (and rank them)
  • Build: Scenario Worlds / Write Stories / Test
  • Use: Consider Implications / Review / Communicate

I found the talk to be somewhat disjointed, yet filled with amazingly wordy slides with paragraphs of text which may have reinforced a point if they had have been on screen long enough to read. It was always going to be tough to follow the first (very engaging) speaker – however, with some practice, feedback and basic presentation learning under the belt, this could have been a lot better received – so I hope I am not seen as being too harsh in my summary.

For another summary of the talk, click here to see what Missing Link said.



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