9″ EEE from ASUS at Cebit 2008

EEE PC - 7″ Screen - BlackOnce again I find myself living vicariously through the gadget blogs as their writers get to go to the gadget shows which I’d like to attend. This morning Engadget is carrying a couple of stories on the next EEE subnotebook and it’s new 9″ version. The official press release is set for tomorrow (04 March), but for now we know that the 9″ display won’t affect battery life too much (still around 2.5 – 3hrs), the 9″ version is noticeably larger that the 7″ original (which is unfortunate, given the significant bezel size on the 7″) and pricing is expected to be around €399 for the 12GB version

Engadget: Hands-on with the 9-inch Eee PC

Engadget: 7-inch Eee PC vs 9-inch Eee PC — ready, fight!

I think I’ll wait for v3 before I get my next EEE however as there’s not yet enough change in spec to make the upgrade worthwhile.